About Us


Lakeside Lanes, a candlepin bowling alley and recreation center, situated at Massabesic traffic circle in Manchester, opened its doors to the public on Novermber 27, 1959. The bowling center includes 24 bowling lanes which meet the highest standards official bowling regulations. Rigid specifications of construction required that they be level to width 40 / 1000ths of an inch, so precise that setting the wood alone required more than a month’s time.

Control Desk

All Facilities are operated from a central control desk. An intricate instrument panel houses a series of switches which operate “Tel-E-Scoreā€, “Tel-E-Foul,” lighting and automatic pin setting for each individual lane. In addition, meters automatically record the exact number of frames bowled in each lane. The public address system is centered here, as well as the “pro” equipment shop. The control desk is manned by a trained operator. In addition to being air-conditioned, the lanes are also equipped with an exhaust system. The air is kept clean and free of smoke, dust and dirt at all times. Lakeside Lanes has a soundproofing system in which 85 percent of all sound is absorbed.

Other FeaturesĀ 

Other features include continuous background music. Lakeside Lanes’ snack bar is designed to accommodate both bowlers and other guests throughout the day. In addition, parties can be arranged in a private room where refreshments are served. The entrance has a canopy offering guests protection from the weather. The lighted parking area beyond accommodates more than 100 cars. The bowling center features Brunswick Crown Imperial candlepin lanes.